Personal Finance Class | Lesson 2 | 28/06/2022

Many people think that having a high paying job or prospering business can produce financial stability. It can’t. There are many ‘ogas’ in the office that beg for money to pay their childrens school fees or their house rent.

Many people think that giving and tithing can produce financial stability. It can’t. There are many people who tithe and give every Sunday but they are still poor.

Something is missing!

No matter how much you earn, if your outgo exceeds your income, your upkeep will become your downfall!

1. Write down how much you earn monthly and how much you spend. Is your income higher than expenses? Is your expenses higher than your income?

Personal Finance Class | Lesson 1 | 27/06/2022

What a tragedy it would be to live an entire life without ever realizing the fulfillment and rewards that come from reaching your full potential. Please think about these truthfully:

1. Are you confident about your future? Or do you have doubts?

2. Are you leaving a mark on the world around you?

3. When your life ends, what legacy will you leave behind?

4. Have you lowered your aspirations in life and settled for mediocrity?

5. Have you decided to maintain the status quo in your life instead of charging ahead of the pack?

6. Are you groping for ways to get ahead in today’s volatile and uncertain economy?


1. Answer the questions and feel free to discuss your answers with me privately

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