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Continuing from yesterday on Ezekiel 16:49, the second shocking thing that makes you sin is fulness of bread. We can either interpret fulness of bread to mean abundance of material provisions like food, shelter, and clothing or to mean abundance of spiritual knowledge. Today, we shall consider both possibilities.

Sometime when Jesus was still on earth, he told a story of a boy. This boy was the second son of a well-to-do father. His father provided completely for him and he was doing very well. One day, he decided that he should not have to always go to his father to ask for every little thing. He wanted financial freedom. He wanted to be able to buy his own bread and fetch his own water. He wanted everyone, especially his elder brother to know he was man enough to cater for himself.

So, one day, he walked up to his loving father and told him, “I cannot stand living under your roof anymore.” You see, normal children wait until their father is dead before they think of taking their inheritance. But this boy was so arrogant that he told his father to his face, “You are as good as dead to me, give me all my inheritance now.” He had become too big to ask his father for one loaf of bread today and two fish tomorrow. He wanted to have it all at once. He considered his father dead.

His humble father had no choice but to agree to his request. He gave his last son his own share of his inheritance and bade him farewell. The son became full of bread and that was where his downfall began. No wonder he was called The Prodigal Son. The word Prodigal means having or giving something on a lavish scale.

You know you are a prodigal son of God when you no longer need to spend time in God’s presence every morning to worship him, ask for mercy and ask for daily bread. You know you are a prodigal son of God when you no longer need to study Gods word for at least an hour everyday to know what he has to say today. You believe you know all of Gods mind already. You know you are a prodigal son when you feel you have all of God already and so there is no need to hunger and thirst after him. You know you are a prodigal son when you no longer seek after righteousness but only mutter a few confessions under your breath every time you fall into sin.

It did not take long before the devil began to deal with the prodigal son. The devil suffered him so much that one day, he began to beg even to eat the food of pigs. Oh, may that not be your portion in Jesus name, Amen. I want to beg you to repent and go back to your father’s house before it is too late. Repent before the devil sifts you as wheat. You father will accept you with willing and open arms. Get right with God before the devil gets you. God bless you.

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When will I thirst no more

When will my hunger cease

You said you are the bread of life

So feed me please

For I still see the money and I want it

I see the fame and I crave it

I see food and I must eat it

The love of man and I dream of it

You said you are the bread of life

Jesus you said you are the bread of life

I’ve set my table to eat

So feed me please

I still lie for Facebook likes

My heart thirsts for Range rovers

I could kill to have six packs

And the hunger never stops

Lord I know you are the Bread Of Life

For only in your life did I find light

Change my fallen appetite

So I can take of you and bite

You said you are the bread of life

Lord you truly said you are the bread of life

You said you are the bread of life

So feed me please!


Becky Lynch, a famous Irish wrestler

Announced recently that she was pregnant

Its so beautiful and I wish her the very best of pregnancy and motherhood

Now, there’s something else you need to know

Just as Becky is bringing new life into the world soon,

God is offering you new life today

New life in Christ Jesus

Because even though the life you’re living now may be fantastic,

You and I know that theres still something missing

And that something is Jesus

Accept new life today.