Homemakers Challenge | Day 9


This challenge is to motivate and encourage you to eliminate chaos and clutter in your home and transform it to the clean and orderly place it’s supposed to be. Anyone (especially those who are not naturally organized like me) can join no matter what day we are on.


1. Have fun with yourself, your family or your friends today. Ways you can have fun:

– Watch a movie

– Watch YouTube videos

– Go window shopping

– Eat out

– Play outdoor sports or games

– Play indoor board games

– Have a cookout

– Invite a friend over for tea

– Organize a dinner party

Try not to do any work today except you have really young children who cannot take care of themselves yet. Break the habit of piling house work for Saturdays. On Saturday, stay in bed longer and enjoy the day and your life will be happier.

“How can I forget there’s just one life and so much to do. Let me choose the best things to do and start to do.” – Chetan M. Kumbhar


“Shouldn’t I be having more fun than this?”

Dear Father,


My day did not go as I originally planned. I woke up planning to just chill, have fun and be happy. But the most ironic thing happened.

I started my day with my usual routine of a short prayer and Bible study, getting Lemuel cleaned up and fed and then fixing breakfast for my husband and I. By the time I finished with the usual morning routine, it was already past 11 am. I still needed to fix lunch for my husband and then Lemuel. Then put Lemuel to bed to take his afternoon nap. My day of fun was turning into a regular day and I began to fret. I began to be sad that I was not having as much fun as I planned to have.

Even when I did sit down to relax, I spend the whole time worrying that I was not having as much fun as I planned to have and that the day will end without me really relaxing and having fun. Crazy right?

Even when I did sit down during dinner to watch a movie with my family, I was still worrying. I was wondering, “Shouldn’t I be having more fun than this?” By the time night came and I finally put Lemuel to bed, I was exhausted and I was sad. Saturday, 15th August, 2020 had slipped through my fingers without me really taking control of the day.

But things changed as I laid down on the bed to sleep. I logged in to my blog and wrote something. I shared it on my social media sites. After over a month of procrastinating and making excuses of how busy I was and how I just couldn’t come up with any meaningful content at this busy period of my life, I finally wrote. I wrote how my day on Friday went. I wrote of my wins and imperfections in running my home on Friday. It felt wonderful.

My day ended beautifully. It was not a day of fun but it was a meaningful day, I’ll take it.

Thank you Father for making yesterday meaningful.

Your DD,

Joy Taiwo.