15 minutes Joy

Dear Father

My 15 minutes approach to getting things done around the house is really working.

Monday’s decluttering was targeted at the kitchen store (it’s actually meant to be a pantry but there is a load of stuff, e.g. a generator, in there that I have no idea when we will get rid of).

I did manage to get a full bag of clutter out. it consisted of old paper bags, dusty utensil packaging, broken mop sticks, etc.

That corner of the store is 80% neater now that I have moved out all the useless stuff.

There are still many tasks and chores I dread getting into though. Give me the grace to always say to myself, “15 minutes Joy, you only have to do this for 15 minutes today.”


Your DD,

Joy Taiwo

that half bread is better than none…

Dear Father,

I do not have much to say than that I got that mattress aired and vacuumed. Although I did not eventually vacuum underneath the bed, at least my mattress is clean now, the burden is less, and I can address underneath the bed some other day.

Before now, due to my idealistic nature, I wouldn’t likely attempt a task if I knew I couldn’t complete it at once. Now, I am learning that progress is more important than perfection. I am learning that half bread is better than none… and that’s why life on earth is a journey.

Your DD,

Joy Taiwo