What To Say In Evangelism

According to a 1993 study, despite intense follow-up, the Church cannot account for 95% of people who make decisions for Christ. This is largely because many people get born again for the wrong reasons. They did not hear the full true Gospel of Christ. Infact, I dare say they did not hear the Gospel, because any “gospel” that does not talk about the following three (3) elements is not the Gospel at all.

  1. Sin: This is the problem of man. Death entered into the world through sin (See Romans 5:12). We must allow whoever we are preaching to, to see that he is a sinner in the light of God’s moral law i.e. the 10 commandments.
  2. Hell: If the Lagos state government stopped punishing traffic offenders, just imagine how much worse traffic will be. Hell is God’s just punishment for sinners. If sinners do not know or understand the punishment for their sin, they will see the suffering and death of Jesus as meaningless or unnecessary at best.
  3. Jesus Christ: He is The Way of escape from God’s wrath. The Way of escape from the destruction that is soon to come upon sinners. You must mention that Jesus is the only Son of God. That He suffered, was crucified, died, rose up, is alive today and offers forgiveness to anyone who humbly repents.

Do not promise people prosperity and happiness just to get them to make a decision for Christ. It is not biblical and if that person should die a hypocrite and end up in Hell, you will be responsible for his/her soul.

by Joy Ebere Taiwo

Good To Know

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