How To Overcome Timidity In Evangelism

Esther loved her people, Mordecai the only one she had and even her own soul. She wished she could run to the palace and blurt out all the evil Haman was doing. But she lacked one thing- Boldness. In a moment, she remembered that there was only one person who could give a young lady in a completely heathen nation, boldness like that of Moses before Pharoah. Esther knew what to do. And so after 3 days of fasting and prayer, even though she knew she might lose her head, Esther received boldness from God to go unto the king, e. (See Esther 4:16)

Peter and John had just been commanded not to speak at all nor teach in the name of Jesus. They were threatened and they knew their people, if upset, could go as far as stoning a man to death. They did it to Stephen. If they were to faithfully fulfil this great commission knowing that they might die in the process, they needed one thing- Boldness. So in Acts 4:29, they asked God for boldness. And verse 31, records that they were filled with boldness.

The Holy Spirit is the one who gives boldness to reach the lost. Just ask him in prayer, you may also fast. He will hear, He will answer.

by Joy Ebere Taiwo.

Good To Know

  1. There will be fasting and prayer on Friday, June 3rd in preparation for Saturday’s outreach, details will be shared in due course.
  2. New Location Alert! Joy Outreaches is now in Meiran, Agbulegba, Lagos. If you know anyone in this area who might be interested in evangelism, check for the group link here ( and send to the person
  3. Tracts, books and evangelism T-shirts are available for Soul Winning Saturday on June 4th, contact 08172082376 to get some.

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