How To Start A Witnessing Conversation

The fear of man is the biggest hurdle to overcome before we can share our faith. This is what you can do to simplify the process:

  1. Humanize the person: Smile and say a warm “Good morning!” You could even go-ahead to establish rapport. Compliment something about the person’s appearance that you genuinely admire. Ask where the person is from and what the person does.
  2. Hand the person a tract: As you do that, say, “Have you gotten yours?” This makes the person feel there is something they are missing out on and they need to grab it now.
  3. Ask questions: This helps you know the kind of person you’re dealing with. I mean, what if the person is already born again and maybe even a pastor…lol. Also, how you preach to a Muslim is different from how to preach to an Atheist. Ask if they believe in God and their thoughts on the afterlife i.e. what happens after death. Go into your message.

by Joy Ebere Taiwo

Good To Know

  1. If you know anyone who might be interested in evangelism, send them this link to join their location group
  2. Tracts, books and evangelism T-shirts are available for June 4th, contact 08172082376 to get.

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