God Has A Mirror

Photo by Polina Tankilevitch on Pexels.com

Before I leave the house, I look in the mirror so I can see myself in truth. I use my time in front of the mirror to correct anything that is out of order. My time in front of the mirror can make me pick a new dress entirely or wipe off all my makeup. It can make me change everything.

When we preach the Gospel to a sinner, we want Him to have a complete change of mind, heart and actions. I do not want my supposed convert to still think it’s okay to lie and steal and fornicate. This is why I must give him the Mirror to see himself in truth.

When he looks in the Mirror, he will quickly see that he is not as good as he thought he was. He will see that he is a liar, a thief, a murderer, a sexually immoral person, an idolater and a covetous man. He will panic at his sinful state and be desperate to change something.

The Law of God i.e. the 10 commandments, is God’s Mirror for the sinful man. Romans 3:20 says that law brings the knowledge of sin. If I am not convinced that I am a sinner headed for destruction, salvation would at best, be only a means to make my life better on earth, and not an escape from God’s coming wrath. I would be simply trying to improve my health and happiness instead of seriously trying to secure a place for myself in Heaven.

The law can be used as a “tutor” to bring sinners to Christ (See Gal. 3:24). While preaching, you must help the sinner compare how they are currently living their lives with God’s righteous standards as stated in the Law. Help them to see and acknowledge that they have fallen short and that if they stand before God in judgement, they will be condemned to Hell. Don’t mice words and sugarcoat things. Be bold!

Preach to the sinner as if they will die tonight because…they. just. might.

Good To Know

  1. The next soul-winning Saturday is on June 4, 2022. If you need tracts, books, evangelism T-shirts or any other resource for that day, contact 08172082376.
  2. Everyone should be in a small group to reach out to their immediate community. Join your location group here: https://bit.ly/joyoutreachesgroups. Reach out to the contact above if you cannot find your location there.

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