Day 17: Sudan

Sudan, is a country in Northeast Africa. It has a population of 45.70 million people as of 2022.

Why Pray?
Over 97% of the inhabitants of Sudan are Muslims.

Prayer Points

  1. Pray that God will reveal Himself to strategic leaders in Sudan. Let them begin to have strange encouters with Jesus that will lead to their conversion.
  2. Pray thay God will raise the few Christians in Sudan to strategic positions of visibility that will lead many to know Christ
  3. Pray that the light of the glorious Gospel on Christ Jesus will shine in every nook and cranny of Sudan.


After fasting and praying, this is what I perceive the Lord is saying to the people of these nations:

To the innocent children and women in Sudan. He shall redeem their soul from deceit and violence: And precious shall their blood be in his sight. Psalm 72:14 KJV

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