Soul Winning Brings Joy

“I can tell you that there is no greater joy than leading someone to faith in Jesus Christ. Even if they reject your message, it still feels great to obey Christ. Yet regardless of how we feel, we need to remember this is what He has commanded.” – D. James Kennedy

“Even if I were utterly selfish and had no care for anything but my own happiness, I would choose, if God allowed, to be a soul winner, for never did I know perfect, overflowing, unutterable happiness of the purest and most ennobling order till I first heard of one who had sought and found a Savior through my means.” – Charles Spurgeon

It’s not only heaven that has joy when a sinner repents, God generously extends that joy to your heart. Suddenly dark areas of your life begins to receive light and everything comes together and makes sense.

Do you want to experience true unadulterated joy? Try soul winning. There’s just something so fulfilling when you hear of someone who came closer to Jesus because of a material you shared or a preaching you did.

There is no believer who has true joy that is not a soul winner.

Good To Know

  1. The Win A Soul Devotional is a seasonal 7-day devotional written by Joy Taiwo to inspire and equip the church for evangelism. This is Season 1 Day 5.
  2. For past editions, visit:
  3. If you want an Evangelism Partner, join the Soul Winners group:

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