Native Doctor Gives His Life To Christ | NAS Devotinal | Day 2

Good morning, my name is Joy Taiwo, a sister from our Soul Winners group shared this yesterday:

“Last Sunday A native doctor gave his life to Christ through a tract my church evangelism team shared at Ojuelegba bus stop. He said he was going somewhere to perform ritual or something and as he alighted from a bus at Ojuelegba bus stop someone handed him a tract. Before then he said he was always being disturbed by an evil noise that never allowed him to rest. While that tract was in his hands, he noticed that the disturbing noise ceased. He dropped the tract on the ground and walked away and the moment he did that the noise started all over again. He then walked back and picked up the tract and the disturbing noise ceased again. He then join my church evangelism team members and gave his life to Christ. On Sunday he came to testify. The little( just by sharing tracts) we do in evangelism can yield much fruits.”

I hope this inspires you to reach someone with the Gospel today. Make up your mind that you will not give excuses this week. If you need tracts, contact me at +234 816 5273200. Heaven is counting on you. See Hebrews 12:1.


  1. This is the Win A Soul (WAS) 7 days Devotional. To read past editions, visit
  2. The Soul Winning Team is open to all Christians who want confidence and support in evangelism. Join by contacting +234 816 527 3200.
  3. We are raising 1,000 Christians all over the world who will make it a duty to tell at least 1 person per week about Jesus. Help by forwarding this to someone/a group now.

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