Happy New Month! May the month of May bring many blessings to you and yours in Jesus name, Amen.
Here I present to you our accomplishments for April 2022.

  1. We distributed over 500 tracts and evangelistic materials which have blessed many lives. One particular woman got delivered from depression through one of them. See her testimony here.
  2. We preached the gospel one-on-one to over 50 people and most of them made commitments to follow Jesus. We are currently discipling them through our WhatsApp discipleship group.
  3. On the 5th of April we did open-air preaching at a ghetto beginning with a drama presentation. Many people heard the Gospel and were blessed by it.
  4. On the 8th of April we did an unconventional interview-style open-air preaching at the same community and got to engage the locals with the word of God.
  5. On April 14, we did our first soup kitchen at Alia ghetto where we fed over 50 children with hot puff-puff and tea while teaching them God’s word.
  6. On April 16, in partnership with a friend, we shared 67 meals to a poor -community as well as doing open-air preaching, one-on-one evangelism and a bible study class for the children.
  7. On April 23 we organized a crusade where we gathered a poor community and preached the word of God as well as feeding over 100 of them including men, women and children. We had up to 20 converts from that crusade excluding decisions from children. We are currently discipling them.
  8. On the 29th of April, we delivered a donation of books, toys and other children’s educational materials to a struggling school in the ghetto. We also gave them packs of biscuits and a few drinks.
  9. On 30th of April we joined with another ministry for the World Soul Winning Day where we preached open-air and one-on-one. The Lord blessed us with about 10 converts from that outreach.

You can see photos and video clips of all our activities here.


  1. To mobilize Christians all around the world to go out on evangelism every Saturday. We call it Soul Winning Saturdays.
  2. To do a weekly school lunch program and outreach in partnership with an educational consultant. The school is in a ghetto, is struggling and consists of mainly poor and homeless kids.

Your kind support is what makes all this possible. Thank you.

To support this ministry, kindly send your donation to the following account details:

Account Number: 0027651282

Bank: Stanbic IBTC

Account Name: Taiwo Joy Ebere

Joy Ebere Taiwo
Senior Outreach Worker of Joy Outreaches.

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