Do you remember what God has done for you?

How He has protected you through the years?

How He has provided for you?

Do you remember how He has preserved/kept you and your family?

Do you remember how He Saved you?

How He sent Jesus Christ His only son to die for you?

Do you realize that if Jesus did not sacrifice Himself for you, you would be damned?

That there would have been no Heaven for you?

That Hell would have been your destination forever?

Fire and worms that do not die?

Eternal separation from God? Only eternal hopelessness in gross darkness?

Do you remember how the Holy Spirit has been with you?

Raising you back up when you fall?

Showing you the way to go?

Do you remember?

If you do, then please serve God.

Serve God by winning souls.

It is what pleases Him the most.

Share with others the life that you have in Christ Jesus.

Try to touch God’s heart today

And tomorrow, wake up and try to touch it once again.

23 As for me, I will not stop praying for you. That would be a sin against the Lord. I will teach you how to live in the right way. 24 But you must respect and obey the Lord. You must serve him faithfully with all your strength. Remember the great things that he has done for you.

1 Samuel 12:23-24 EEB

If you are serving God with all of your strength then there will be nothing left for you, the world and the devil.

Joy Taiwo

If you are wondering how you can serve the Lord, then I will email you e-tracts weekly. Let us reach the 8 billion people in this world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Email to join

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