How To Start Your Home Garden | African Homemaker

If you’re living in a fast-paced urban area like me, having a home garden can seem like a dream.

Well I really did think it was until my neighbor inspired me to start one with the tiny space in my yard.

Gardening is an irreplaceable part of Homemaking and I personally find it very therapeutic. It’s been my retirement dream for many years now.

I used to think creating a home garden was a complex process that required going to agricultural school or reading tons of books on farming.

It turns out that starting a home garden is veeeeery simple. And you need only three things.

1. Top Soil

You can easily get bags of Top soil from a roadside gardener at a little cost. All you need to do is pour it over your space or in a planting pot.

2. Manure

I also bought manure from a roadside side gardener. You need this to enrich your soil. Pour or lay it over the top soil and water it so it mixes with the upper layer of the top soil. After laying your manure, pour water so everything can settle. If you are doing this in rainy season, you don’t even need to pour water.

3. Seedlings or seeds

You can get seedlings or seeds from a local gardener or an online shop. Just make a hole in the ground, 3 to 5 inches deep and put in your seedling/seed. online shop. To start off, I got a few seedlings from the gardener.

He did all the labor too and I only paid him a token.

Next time, I will definitely do it myself as I didn’t know it was going to be that easy.

I was shocked at how simple the whole process was.

I cannot believe something I thought I will only be able to do when I’m old and grey was done in a couple of hours.

I am living my dream.

If you too have some or little or no space and you need more help in getting your home garden up and running, you can email me ( and I will be glad to help.

See my home garden in the video below!

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