How Jesus Really Preached The Gospel | Lesson 7 | School of Evangelism

While Jesus was on earth, there are three (3) people, apart from His disciples, who He took time to preach the Gospel to one-on-one. He preached the Gospel to Nicodemus (John 3:1-15), the rich young man (Matthew 19:16-30) and the woman at the well of Samaria (John 4:1-45).

Let us look at the strategies He employed and glean from them.

1. Commitment: In the three occasions, Jesus was exhausted. Jesus had a long day of traveling,teaching, preaching and performing miracles. Despite His tiredness, He didn’t pass up an opportunity to preach the gospel to an unbeliever. How often does God present us quality opportunities to minister to the unsaved yet we give all sorts of excuses and let them pass?

2. Boldness: In each instance Jesus faced each person with boldness. He was a carpenter, yet he was not intimidated by Nicodemus the great ruler, the rich young man and a pretty woman. He was more concerned about their eternal salvation than to be moved by carnal things.

3. Patience: In each instance Jesus used the law to point out their sinfulness and show them their need for a savior. He took time to explain using the scriptures what it meant to be born again. He did not just go out to condemn people, he patiently showed them the way to salvation.

It is my prayer that we take these attributes and copy them so that we may please our master, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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