How To Make Grace Amazing | Lesson 4 | School Of Evangelism

Grace is the unmerited favor of God. It is something someone does for you for free.

Imagine if a friend called you one early morning that they just paid your debt of N1,000,000 naira to someone you owed money. You would be petrified if you actually are not owing anyone any money.

They mistakenly paid a million naira to a person you are not owing anything. They had to work so hard to raise that money. They did it because they loved you and wanted to surprise you. How foolish they have been.

When a sinner is not told that he is a debtor to God, the sacrifice of Jesus seems like foolishness.

If he doesn’t know that he is on his way to a place of eternal suffering and torment in fire and sulfur, then how can he appreciate the salvation wrought by Christ’s brutal death by crucifixion.

It is because there is punishment for sinners that the grace of God is so amazing. The knowledge that someone else took our punishment on that cross is what brings about the joy of salvation.

So you make God’s grace amazing to a sinner or new convert by letting him know the danger Christ has provided him salvation from – eternal torment in fire and sulfur/hell fire/the lake of fire. Revelations 21:8.

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