WHY WE SHOULD CONFRONT SINNERS | Lesson 1 | School of Evangelism

REASON 1: We are to love God.

The Girlfriend’s Dilemma

There is a daily TV drama series I used to watch. One of the main characters is a man named Frank who has had a girlfriend for over 10 years. Frank is doing well financially and takes good care of his girl. He calls her often, he buys her gifts, he takes her out to dinner. They even travel together and sometimes he invites his girl to live with him for long periods of time. However, the girl always seems to be frustrated about their relationship. She always suspects Frank is cheating on her. She feels insecure and angry most of the time. The question that is always on her mind is, “Why hasn’t he proposed? If he loves me that much, then, he should propose to me.” Girlfriend has even gone as far as confronting him on the issue multiple times but each time, Frank goes cold and upset until the issue dies down again. The drama reveals no actual hindrance to Frank proposing to his girlfriend. He knows he can and should propose to her but he just refuses to propose. Does Frank really love his girlfriend? You judge.

Love Unto Death

When Jesus came to the earth, he went about healing the sick, performing miracles, and even raising the dead. These acts, like that of the caring boyfriend, showed that he loved man. However, the culmination of God’s love was shown on that cross of Calvary. The brutal death and crucifixion of Jesus was the ultimate intention of the Father. John 3:16 did not say God so loved the world that He healed us and gave us bread. It says He so loved the world that He gave the very life of His only son. Acts of kindness are good. In fact, Jesus tells us a parable in Matthew 35:21-46, to encourage us to make them a priority. James 1:27 tells us that genuine religion is to look after orphans and widows. However, telling people that they are sinners fast approaching God’s judgment and that the only way to be saved from eternal torment in the Lake of Fire is genuine repentance and belief in the suffering and death of Jesus, is the culmination of our love for them. We are called to love unto death through telling others about His death.

The Story of Curry

Consider this story:

A poor man once died leaving behind his wife and son. One day, the 18 years old boy woke up at about 4am to find that the brown mat beside him was bare. His eyeballs travelled around the damp hut. A drop of sweat hit his brow as a frown formed on his forehead. He got up and went out. Neighbors began to pass by towards the farm and he knew about two hours had now passed. They shook their heads as they took a glimpse of the frail cold-stricken boy sitting on bare soil eagerly waiting for his mother to come back home.


He jumped up with a wide smile.

“Mama!” Curry started crying as he embraced his mother.

“Curry, listen to me. Do you love me?” Curry pulled back. A puzzled look on his face.

“Yes, of course!”

“If you love me, you will read hard and pass well so you can get a scholarship into school. When you get to school, study law and be the best lawyer ever.”

The look of surprise had now turned to slight disgust on Curry’s face.

“Never! I hate lawyers. It was a lawyer that put Dad in the prison where he died.”

“But Curry, this is why you must become a lawyer…to fight them.”

“What? We both know my dream is to become a doctor.” His mother’s hands began to tremble. Her palms, sweaty.

“The people your father owed, they want me.” Two men suddenly stood behind her. Curry recognized them, they were the police. His mother turned towards them as she began to weep.

“I’m not finished yet.”

“Madam we gave you 30 minutes.” She turned to face Curry as they reached out to grab her arm. Mama began to scream.

“Curry! If you love me! Study hard! Get that scholarship! Become a lawyer and get me out of prison!”

They dragged the wailing woman away.

If Curry really loves his mother, wouldn’t he do just what she said? You judge.

In John 15:13, Jesus said that no one can love anyone more than to die for them. We cannot love anyone more than telling them of the One who died for them. You may try to assure Jesus of your love for him with serious tears and singing every Sunday but Jesus already knows if you really love him. If you love Him, you will keep his commandments (John 14:15), you will preach the gospel (Matthew 28:19). If you are His friend, you will do whatsoever He commands you (John 15:14), you will preach the gospel (Mark 16:15).

So the first reason why we should confront sinners is that we love God and we want to please him.

“Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.”

Matthew 22:37

REASON 2: We are to love others.

James was driving by a quiet neighbourhood. It had been a long day at work. No, a rather bad day. His presentation was rejected at the board meeting and he was the laughing stock of all the staff. Infact, his sack letter may just well have been typed already.


James jolted so hard that his head almost hit the car roof. What was that? Before he could pause to look around, a puff of smoke enveloped the car. The screams became louder.

“Help! Arrrrrrrgh!! Help!!!”

James noticed the sound was coming from the adjacent building. It was on fire and he could see the figure of a mother and three small children waving and screaming frantically from the window of the topmost floor.

James was terrified. What should he do? With the way things were going at his job, his life was miserable enough. He could not take any more drama at the moment. James jammed the accelerator with his right foot hoping someone will help this family that was about to get burnt alive. “My life is bad enough, someone else should help them.” He said as their screams faded off in the distance.

Is James a good person? Or is he selfish and wicked? If James dies on his way home, do you think he will go to heaven or hell? You judge.

Sinners all around us are going to hell to be burned “alive” forever and ever. Any Christian who is not doing anything to warn them of judgement and hell, is just like James.

No wonder the second commandment of Jesus is to “…love your neighbor as yourself.” (Matthew 12:31). The highest form of love you can show to anyone is to give them the message of salvation. We should confront sinners so they can have just one more chance of escape from the eternal fires of hell.


  1. Write five (5) reasons why you are convinced you should preach the gospel

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