In Acts 15:20 & 29, we see that we are to keep off meat (or food) that has been offered to idols.

Today, we buy our food from the market so how does this command apply to us?

We can interprete “polluted meat” to mean something a person has that he/she got through an act of sin.

For example:

  • Jade became the Manager by telling the boss bad things about the other employee
  • Kaiser got 1 million naira by having sexual expression with a man who is not her husband
  • Stella impatiently jumped the queue at the supermarket in order to get back home early to cook for the family

A great position, money and excellent family life are good things but they become polluted when we try to achieve them using behavior that does not glorify God.

In order to abstain from “polluted meat”? We must have a tender conscience. One that warns us when we are crossing the border from holiness into sin, regardless of how important our want is.

Such tender conscience can only be gotten through much exposure to God’s ways and precepts.

Expose yourself to God’s laws by listening to sermons (or reading materials) that teach you how to avoid sin and by your personal study of the Word.

Even as we make the effort, may God grant us such tender hearts in Jesus name, Amen.

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