Good afternoon,

Have you been heartbroken before? maybe someone once told you or made you feel as if you were everything to them, then you later realized they were only deceiving or flattering you. The truth is, nobody really knows how to love you. Let that sink in as you read it again.

You see, people may think they love you. They may try their best to show it to you. But at some point, they will fail at loving you. Not even you, can love yourself enough. No one has the ability to completely and fully love you except God.

You are not innocent. You have hurt people. You have flattered and deceived people. You have made people feel terrible about themselves. You have broken hearts knowingly and unknowingly over and over again. Yet you are still alive. Assuming God were to judge you based on how you have behaved towards others, you would be guilty. And between Heaven (a place of eternal bliss, peace and joy) and Hell (a place of eternal torment in fire and sulfur), your place would be the latter when you die.

Even though you are not a good person, God did something so that you will not go to hell on judgement day. He took your punishment by dying on the cross so that you can go free. Now if you accept his gift, you will truly be free from hell and set on your journey towards heaven. All you have to do is to repent and trust in Christ Jesus.

To eventually enter heaven after life on earth, you must live in holiness. But it takes time to become truly righteous in your life and character so I invite you to join my bible study group where we will be learning about how to live as a Christian in this dark world. To join, just let me know of your interest via God bless you.

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