40 Days To Purpose | Day 40

40 Days To Purpose Summary

1. Before you were born, God knew you and gave you a purpose to live for

2. Purpose can only be discovered and fulfilled in God, through Jesus Christ. An unbeliever cannot fulfil purpose

3. The Bible is filled with stories of peoples lives so that we can learn what to pay attention to and what to avoid on our journey to purpose

4. God is more interested in our character and motives than in what we do for him. Your life must be filled with the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Trying to fulfil purpose without the nature of Christ will surely end in disaster

5. You will make impact greater and faster when your words and works can be backed up by the power of God. So desire and work at manifesting the Gifts of the Spirit

6. God is going to reward you on whether you did what he called you to do or not. You don’t pick and choose what you want to do for God.

7. In discovering purpose, you must start with what you know. Evangelism is every Christian’s primary purpose in life. How faithful have you been to YOUR Great Commission?

Thank you 🤗🤗🤗 to all who participated at one point or the other. My only hope and goal is that these lessons have brought you closer to God.

All the 40 lessons in full are on my blog https://www.taiwojoyebere.com

Sis Adeola, Sis Lara and Brother Toyin, Big thank you😘😘😘 for taking the class at different times. Only God can fully and adequately reward you

God bless you all!♥️♥️♥️

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