40 Days To Purpose | Day 31

💃Today we are looking at the gift of the Spirit called The Word of Wisdom.
This means God giving you specific wisdom on how to go about a situation in your life or that of someone else.

Sometimes, God may give you a Word of Knowledge about an issue and then give you a Word of Wisdom on how to handle it. Each could also happen independently as God wills. Please don’t just say you are not interested. The bible actually encourages us to desire these gifts. Why? So we can be people of power and not just talk-talk Chirstians.

To know how to solve the issues you are currently facing in your life, all you need is God’s wisdom. So you even need it for yourself too. And just like Joseph you can be a solution provider to nations. You can penetrate industries with God’s divine wisdom.


There is no secret formula to manifesting this gift. It just takes your desire and your time.

The greatest source of wisdom is God’s word. To manifest this gift, you have to be a person of The Word. Even though we all have access to this gift, there is a price to pay and once again it is the price of Time.

You need to spend time with God’s word. But not just reading it as if you are reading a newspaper.

Many unbelievers and even believers alike read the bible cover to cover many times but their situation never changes. So note that its not just about reading the bible but reading it in the power of the Spirit/filled with the Spirit.
It is reading it with your spiritual senses active and open such that the Holy Spirit is telling you how to apply a certain Bible passage to the situation at hand in a way that you will get results from it.

And how do you activate your spiritual senses? By Praying. When you pray before diving into the word, you clear out every doubt and care and consecrate your heart to God again, its much easier to hear from God that way.
As you grow in this gift, you will notice that it is not for every single issue you come across during the day that you will have to run to grab your bible and sit down and do bible studies for.

You will just know some answers and solutions because you have more of God’s word hidden in your heart. God’s wisdom will just flow out naturally, especially when ministering to other people.

May God give us desire and grace pay the price to access all that we have in Christ Jesus in Jesus name, Amen 🙏 😊

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