40 Days To Purpose | Day 30

If you are going to fulfil your purpose in life, then you must manifest not just the fruits of the spirit but the gifts of the spirit. You must manifest the power of God. Paul in 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 tells us of nine gifts of the Spirit. However, there are certainly so many more ways God chooses to show his power in our day and time.

Today, we will be considering the Word of Knowledge. The Word of Knowledge is a GIFT of the Holy Spirit. This means you cannot manufacture the words with your own power. Beware of saying, “Thus saith the Lord…” when it could just be your flesh/emotions speaking. A Word of Knowledge is a piece of information God gives you that you did not previously know at all. For example, God may tell you:
1. A person’s name
2. A person’s date of birth, age, place of birth or other background information
3. The issue a person is dealing with
There are so many other things that God may miraculously tell you about a person.

So, is it that God just likes to gossip? Not at all. God tells you these things so that you can edify, comfort, or exhort the person. This is what Jesus did with the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4. It is not for the glorification of yourself.

To manifest this gift, you must be a person that is familiar with God’s voice. You must be hear 🧏God directly or see👁️ in the Spirit realm. This is so that you do not cause harm in the lives of God’s children. You must be a person that spends quality time alone with God. This means you can grow in this gift. The more time you spend in quietness with God, the more God speaks to you and the more you are used to hearing him in diverse ways. False words of knowledge have destroyed people’s lives, marriages, and destinies so you must pay this price if you are sure you want to be a blessing and not a source of confusion in people’s lives. That’s it, there is no secret formula to it, just intimacy with God.

1. In using this gift, remember to NEVER add to what God has said to you about someone, that would make you a liar or deceiver. You do not even have to understand or know the interpretation of the word of knowledge. All you need to do is share exactly what God has said, that is, if he would have you share it at that time with the person.

2. You do not go telling others what God has revealed to you about someone else. You do not use such information about people to extort money from them in the name of being a prophet. God 👁️sees your heart and your inner motive.

Finally, do not be put off by the gross harm that false prophets are doing in the body of Christ today. God needs genuine people like you to replace false prophets and exalt the name of Jesus Christ. Just imagine how many lives you could bless and save if you were proficient in the use of this tool. Yes, it is a very effective tool for evangelism.

There is so much to say about this gift but in order not to unduly extend this lesson, check out the books of Shawn Bolz👇. You can also search for his videos on YouTube, you will learn so much from him on this gift as he has so much experience with it.

May God fill us with the desire to manifest His gifts out of genuine love and compassion for others in Jesus’ name, Amen.🙏

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