Yesterday, the police finally found a 👧6-year-old girl that had been missing for 3 days.

Unfortunately, the little girl was not just found dead, her body parts were scattered all over the floor. A finger here☝️, a leg there🦵, an arm here💪, an eye there👁.

Luckily, the police were able to track down the murderer. Now, he is sentenced to die in 3 weeks.

However, his parents are pleading for him to be allowed to live because he is only 16 years old and has been a good boy all his life.

Will the judge grant their request and let the murderer live on the basis that he has been a good boy? No! His good deeds do not count here and he has to pay☠ for his crime -Murder.

To any one reading this that has committed abortion, the truth is, when you stand before a holy God with your sin, you will have to pay for murdering⚰ a living person (that baby👼 you removed from your womb).

No matter how good a person you have been, your good works will not be able to save you on judgement day. The only way you can be saved is by trusting in Jesus Christ who paid your fine by his death at calvary. If you believe in Him and repent (quit your sins) today, you shall be saved from eternal torment in the lake of fire.

Can I pray with you? Send me an email God bless you!!!

#Jesuschristsaves #Jesusheals #thegospel

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