40 Days To Purpose | Day 21

PERSON: “God is not love. God is wicked and hateful”. I mean think about it….
If God is love, why will he send anyone to hell.
JOY: You see *God does not send people to hell.* When a person chooses to refuse God (through His Son Jesus Christ) they automatically chose to accept the devil.

Of course if you choose devil, you have to go and live with him at his house (No 1, lake of fire, hell avenue) after death and judgement.

If God were to have His way, he wouldn’t allow anyone to go to hell. He would have EVERYONE be saved. But God is not only Love, he is also *Just* . This is why he is the Great Judge of the entire Universe. It will be unfair to Satan for God to save those who have willingly chosen to be Satan’s children.
For God to do this means that God is no longer God.

Many people chose to continue in sin because they do not understand the gravity of the suffering waiting for them when they die. They think that since they don’t believe in hell, it does not exist.

Imagine if I go and climb a NEPA pole with the intension of touching the high-tension wire. I even go ahead and pour water on my hands. I shout down to the onlookers who have gathered, “I don’t believe in electricity, I don’t believe it exists”.

🤔🤔🤔Will the electricity refuse to shock me because I don’t believe in it?

🙏May God open our eyes to see how exceedingly sinful sin is.

We trivialize sin forgetting that it was what made Jesus suffer so much and die. He died for our *sins.* He died:

1. To make forgiveness of *sin* available for us

2. To give us power to live above *sin* through his resurrection

God *sacrificed his only begotten Son* mqking him to become sin for us, because he understands that it is *only sin* that can take one to hell.

God has already shown the full extent of his love for us by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. He has given us his love already in full measure. All we have to do now is to:

1. Accept it
2. Tell others about it

*We accept* his love by *believing* in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and in the effect of his death and resurrection and then *departing from sin.*

*We tell others* about it by… well… 😄simply telling other about it.

This is why the gospel message has not been effectively preached until you mention the following:

*Sin* – the problem
*Judgement/Hell* – the punishment
*Love/Sacrifice of Jesus* – the way of escape

This equation must be complete in order to reach the heart of a sinner.

May God reveal his love to us in greater measure everyday and give us grace and boldness to manifest and extend it to others in Jesus name.


1. Try to get your hands on the book “The Murder of Jesus” by John McAuthur. Read it and understand the physical and spiritual implication of what Jesus went through by carrying the sin of the world and suffering the punishment for it.

It is one book I can boldly say, I will never get over.

I will see if I can get a pdf copy to share here.

I love you all ♥️♥️♥️

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