40 Days To Purpose | Day 20

🤦‍♀️ Something was terribly wrong with Abimelech.

🤔🤔🤔Why will a young man wake up one morning and suddenly kill all his brothers and then convince his people to make him king?

He ruled for three years in such a manner that his subjects sought to overthrow him. A conspiracy then arose against him. A civil war broke out and during battle a brave woman dropped a large rock🗿 on his head and cracked his skull💀. He then commanded one of his men to stab 🗡️him, so it will not be said that a 🥷woman killed him.

So, what exactly can we glean from Abimelech’s life?

You see, after Gideon defeated the Midianites in battle through the miraculous power of God, Gideon was pretty much the most important 😎man in Israel. Abimelech grew up in wealth, he was well cared for.

As Abimelech grew up, he noticed he was treated a bit differently from all his other brothers. He did not enjoy the same privileges as them. Abimelech was told to go out into the wilderness and tend sheep 🐑🐏unlike the legitimate sons. He was not as important. When the census people came to count the sons of Gideon, they said, “Gideon has 70 sons, and oh… the son of the concubine.” Surely, he knew he was a son, but a different kind of son.

So he grew up harboring jealousy 😏for his brothers which grew into 😒envy, 😠bitterness and then 😡hatred. He had no peace in his life and died a terrible death at the end.

Joseph on the other hand suffered a worse fate in the hands of his brothers, but he did not let it overcome him. He had every right to avenge himself, but he chose to forgive and live in 😇peace for the rest of his life.

How was your childhood? What names were you called? How did people perceive you? Were you abused or molested? Were you treated as unimportant and insignificant?

Perhaps some of your life experiences have caused you to be so crippled that you just do not believe that God can do something great with your life on this earth.

Like Jabez, I want you to commit your destiny into Gods hands and tell God to change your story. If you decide to get bitter and angry at your parents (for example) for how they raised you, your problem will still not be solved.

So today I encourage you to go to God in the place of prayer and pour out all that bile in your heart and cry unto the only one who can change your life.


1. Ask God to search you heart for wounds. Old mindsets that have somehow limited you in life from becoming who God wants you to be. Pray and ask God to heal those wounds

2. Pray for your children (or future children) that God will rid them of any crippling mindset that you have mistakenly put in them as a parent

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