40 Days To Purpose | Day 11

The scriptures record that 🤴 Ahab did more evil in the eyes of the Lord than many of those before him. But why was Ahab so evil😈?
Its because he had someone cheering him on his evil ways. Her name was Jezebel, the 👸Queen, a pagan woman who had had a particular hatred😡 for God’s people

From coming at Elijah with false prophets to disobeying God’s direct command to killing an innocent man, we see King Ahab continually do evil in God’s sight with the strong backing of his wife. Eventually, Ahab died☠️ in a terrible manner🐺 as God had said.

🧐Its high time you start pulling away from those people you usually go to for comfort and support when you know you want to do something that is not that straightforward.
They are the people that will not let you progress in destiny. Anytime they👀 see you trying to do something for God, they begin to act concerned. They remind you of how you need to consider your health🤒 and take it easy. They tell say you should just rest in order not to breakdown.
They may even be fellow church goers but they are not fervent in spirit. So when they see you coming up in the things of God, they tell you stories of people who were once fired up for God but are now cold. They tell say you won’t last. But don’t listen to them, its a lie of the devil.

Oh, Beware!!! May God open your eyes to recognize these people early and ready your heart for them. Anytime you find those kind of people in your life, just keep a safe distance. Don’t say you are trying to help them when you are just starting out and still need help yourself.

Most importantly, pray to God specifically that their coldness should not quench your fire

May God grant us wisdom in these things🙏.


  1. Keep your appointment with God tomorrow. You stay on fire by showing up even on days you feel weary
  2. Pray that even when many grow cold, you will still be hot for Jesus. Your oil will not dry up in Jesus name
  3. Obey, even when you don’t feel like it. Obedience adds wood to your fireplace so that your fire keep on burning even when the weather is cold. Obey the Great Commission.

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