40 Days To Purpose | Day 10

Today we take a look at two characters at a time. 👵🏾Naomi and Ruth👩🏻‍🦰.
Naomi (a Jew) lived in Moab with her two sons and their wives. So Ruth was Naomi’s daughter-in-law.
Along the line, Naomi’s two sons died. Note that neither of their wives had children.

🤔With the way mother-in-laws are given a bad rap, I wonder how come these two women loved their MIL so much that they actually wanted to follow her back to her home in Bethlehem.
I mean think about it🧐… these were young women. Lets assume they were still in their early twenties. They didn’t have children yet. Their husbands had died. They could have easily moved on. Maybe gone to pursue their dreams or remarry

What was so special about Naomi that they were so drawn to her to even consider leaving all they could be to follow this woman to a strange country where they didn’t know anybody?
Naomi must have shown them exceptional kindness and love
The love and kindness Naomi showed them was greater than every other love they had ever received. So they felt secure and protected with her. They knew that she had their best interest at heart no matter what.

Naomi could have easily accused these women of being evil witches who married her sons in order to chop all their money and then kill them.
But that was not the case. Naomi did not blame them in any way or make them feel responsible for the death of her sons. She grieved with them and made them feel safe with her.
Eventually, only Ruth followed Naomi to Bethlehem and we see Naomi’s great love and affection again. Naomi did everything to push Ruth into greatness and divine purpose. She could have left Ruth to fend for herself and find her way in life, but she didn’t. We see Naomi guiding Ruth on how to behave and how to secure an inheritance with God by marrying Boaz
Because of Naomi’s selflessness and Ruth’s humility, we see a depiction of God’s great love and acceptance of all people everywhere.

The love of Naomi made God more attractive to Ruth than the gods of the Moabites. Ruth even became the great grandmother of David making her an ancestor of Jesus Christ.
Today, anytime we read the story of Ruth, we are reminded of how God is interested in us despite our history or background and wants to give us a place in the lineage of Jesus. He wants to make us sons of God.


  1. It is in the place of personal devotion that God chisels your mindset and makes you understand how to live like Christ. Don’t miss your personal devotion tomorrow for anything
  2. Pray that the fruits of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23) will begin to manifest in your life as your submit yourself to the making process
  3. Practise the fruits of the Spirit by obeying Jesus commandments. You don’t wake up one day with sudden perfection. You have to practise and work it out

I🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️🙇‍♀️ pray for an outpouring or grace over our lives that will cause us to live in obedience to the ways of God and by so doing we step fully into our divine purpose, in Jesus name. Amen

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