40 Days To Purpose | Day 8

One of the things God will first get rid of when he introduces you to purpose is the desire to be seen and known. God really hates it when people take glory that belongs to him.

It was the desire to be recognized, congratulated and worshipped that landed Satan where he is today. It was also that desire that ended Absalom’s life very shamefully.

Once you try to serve God with that desire for people to clap for you and make you a celebrity, the Holy Spirit pulls away immediately. In fact, if God loves you so much, he will strongly resist everything you try to do for him with this kind of motive in your heart. Things will not just work out.

That nature to be seen and boast about your accomplishments is a Satanic nature and God in his love will do everything necessary to purge you of it.

Absalom was so obsessed with how good, handsome and talented he was that he burnt a mans field, told his father to make him a judge and then eventually tried to overthrow David and become king. But where did all this end him? In death.

This is why I emphasize the need for first maintaining a personal altar. It is at your daily personal altar that God will break you and consecrate your heart for him alone. He will rid you from every desire for fame and personal glorification. After that, he will start allowing his glory to shine through you.


  1. Stick to your daily appointment with God. Be consistent and faithful.
  2. Preach the gospel. It has a way of keeping you humble. Your friends and colleagues will now know you are on God’s side.
  3. Pray that God should begin to search you and rid you of every desire for fame and self glorification so he can fully manifest himself to the world through you.

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