40 Days To Purpose | Day 5

Nabal had only one divine task in life – to feed David and his men. Every other thing he did or would do in his life did not matter in heaven. How do I know? As soon as he failed in his assignment, God killed him because there was no need for him to remain on earth.

Before his encounter with David, the bible records that’s Nabal was churlish (mean-spirited) and evil. The only reason why God still kept him alive was because he had a divine call hanging over his head. That call was to provide for David and his men.

Have you ever woken up one morning and asked yourself, “Why Am I Here”?

The answer to that question is your purpose in life.

Abigail in her wisdom quickly took upon herself Nabal’s assignment and fed David. If she had not done that, she and all her household would have died along with Nabal.

Perhaps someone somewhere is has taken up your assignment and heaven is already counting down on your life? Maybe even your family and friends whose purpose are attached to yours will be going down with you because of your delay or denial?

Come, let me tell you something. The Lord alone has to open your eyes so that you can recognise those he has called you to save or help in life. Personality tests are man-made, they are of the flesh, they cannot produce the purpose of God. Ask Samuel!


1. Set your alarm. Make no excuses. Keep your personal daily appointment with God tomorrow

2. Start with what you know by preaching the gospel. This assignment is for all believers, you don’t have to fast and pray to realize this one, it’s clearly written in the Bible.

3. Ask God to open your eyes and begin to draw your heart towards those he has sent you to. Pray! Pray!! Pray!!!

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