40 Days To Purpose | Day 3

You see, Abel understood that he was on earth for one particular reason. He knew that there was nothing more important he could do with his life than to please God.

So Abel would look at his sheep, he will separate the fat healthy ones from the thin sickly ones. Abel would sacrifice the fat ones to God and take the others. He was a man who understood purpose.

A man that understands purpose is one who will give God the best of his time, the best of his strength, and the best of his material possessions.

It is because you have not realised that there is a heavy calling upon your life that you find it easier to give your best to the world/flesh and least desirable to God.

You would rather spend all your time working for a man (or yourself) than working for God. You would rather gist with your friends for 1 hour than spend 15 minutes with God. You would rather go without food for vain purposes than fast unto God for just six hours.

Because Abel understood and delivered on purpose even in the face of Cain’s bitter envy, his blood still speaks today. After millions (or even billions) of years we are still reading about his strong faith in God and learning so much from his life.

For how many years will your blood speak when you die? Will people still be talking about you 3 years after you leave this earth? In what way will the story of your life inspire and help people?

Sister, time is running out!


1. Agree with God on a particular *time, place and duration* you will spend with him daily

2. Get together your Bible and journal (a note pad where you will be writing whatever God speaks to you daily, etc)

3. Ask God for grace to stick to it and grow from there. That you will never let a day pass without meeting with him for the rest of your life

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