40 Days To Purpose | Day 2

I used to think theres nothing more to learn from the creation and fall of Adam but come and see what I newly found.

God gave Adam a special task in the garden of Eden, “…to cultivate it and guard it” Genesis 2:15 NLT. The king James version says “to keep it” which means to protect it.

It was Adam’s responsibility to prevent Eve and every other creation from eating the forbidden fruit. When he failed in his assignment he was cast out of the garden.
After that, we do not see any other meaningful mention of Adam again.

You see, it’s not that Adam did not do anything meaningful or important with his life after he was cast out. After all, together with Eve, he raised Abel, a wonderful child that pleased God. The issue was that any other thing he did with his life was not relevant in heaven so there was no need to record it.

There are many wonderful things you are doing now but how are you sure that heaven is taking note of those things?

Many people will approach the judgment seat of Christ with big smiles on their faces expecting to leave with many prizes, but when their book is opened, it will be completely blank. That will not be our portion in Jesus name.

Good morning Sisters!

40 days to purpose | 24th January to 5th March

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