40 Days To Purpose | Day 1

I was reading about the life of Moses and I discovered very interesting things. Moses was an extremely depressed and confused man.

As far as the Hebrews were concerned, Moses was an enemy, the son of pharaoh. As far as Pharaoh was concerned, he was an outcast, an abomination, an irritating slave who mistakenly landed in the palace.

Moses knew he was a Hebrew (a slave) but he had to live like an Egyptian for many years, and bear the guilt of watching his people sorely oppressed. Moses was a depressed emotional wreck. He had such chronic identity crisis that he killed a man, he became a murderer.

Rejected by everyone, Moses fled for his dear (I mean miserable) life.

Soon we see he has gotten married and having lost all sense of self-respect, dignity and self-esteem, he is a beggar in his father-in-law’s house.

Soon enough, demons started operating in the life of Moses. The same Moses who was once learned and mighty in words and deeds (Acts 7:22), became a stammerer (Exodus 4:10) and a mere servant. How na?

Moses life finally began to make sense when he submitted himself to God’s call and he wrought the power of God by simply obeying His instructions, eventually saving Israel out of the hands of the Egyptians. “…and they also trusted moses, the Lord’s servant.” Exodus 14:31

Hmm… I trust God that in the next 40 days, setbacks, sicknesses and confusion in your life will be shattered to pieces as God in his mercy will be revealing to you your divine calling and unleashing upon you grace to pick up the vision of your life and run with it.

Good morning!

40 Days To Purpose | January 24 to 5th March 2021

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