Why Are Some Pastors Judgmental? | 8/12/20 | STS Devotional

Good morning,

Today’s devotional is titled, “Why are Some Pastors Judgmental?” I mean, not only pastors, some other Christian men of God and even fellow believers. Why do they make conclusions about our actions and inactions when they have not fully understood our situation in life? They criticize our motives and sometimes even call us out. Are they doing the right thing? Shouldn’t they just allow God to judge us? Afterall only God understands, right? They should just only remind us of Gods promises and blessings, right?

These are the questions that may come to your mind when someone points out a fault in you. The person may not even be talking to you directly, but you feel guilty because you know you are in the wrong. It is because you have a conscience and God put that conscience in you so that you know right and wrong. He put that conscience in you to keep you in check.

I want you to take a moment to imagine a world where human beings do not have consciences. People will kill at will. Rape will be the order of the day. Lying and stealing will be the norm. Nobody will caution themselves. This whole world will be totally out of order. In fact, you would have probably already killed yourself if someone else has not succeeded at murdering you yet.

Isaiah 59:15 clearly states that, “…and it displeased Him that there was no judgement.” God was not happy that there was no judgement in Israel. Everybody was saying, “All is well”, when all was not well at all. In fact, the earlier part of that verse says, “…and he that departeth from evil maketh himself a prey:” Meaning that there was so much evil going on that those who tried to do right were considered abnormal people worthy of being harmed or stoned to death.

When there is no judgement, people behave anyhow. It is because you knew you will be thrown into hell fire when you die that you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior. If there was no hell, then our salvation will have no weight. It is because we know we can die anytime that we try to work hard and reap the fruits of our labors on earth.

God is the originator of judgement. He invented it and he gave it to us as conscience so that we will even be able to judge ourselves.

So why do some pastors or men of God judge? They do so because it is necessary for you. It is so that you will remain on the right track. Satan, the world, and your flesh are constantly trying to lure you away. Satan knows that on judgement day, just like the story of Lazarus and the Rich man, it will not matter whether you were rich or poor, whether you lived under the bridge or in a mansion, whether you were educated or illiterate, whether you were an orphan or widow. You will still be judged according to God’s word and by then it will be too late to repent.

Take the judgement you receive here on earth as a tool to check yourself, to examine yourself if you are still standing. The bible says, let him who stands take heed lest he falls. We feel hurt when people judge us, but judgement gives us an opportunity to quickly repent. Tomorrow may be too late. God bless you.

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