Faith to believe in Jesus Christ cannot come through receiving blessings and promises.

Healing alone cannot produce faith. The people that Jesus healed were part of those that shouted “Crucify him!”. They were okay with him being a powerful prophet like Moses and Elijah but the fact that he healed them didn’t mean he had the right to call himself the son of God.

If a sinner receives Christ because you promised them riches, you better be ready to supply them all the money you promised they will have.

The promise of miracles and prosperity cannot produce genuine faith to believe. This is why we have very many professing Christians in church but few of them really believe in Jesus Christ. Only few are genuinely born again.

Faith comes by hearing The Message about Christ. The text Romans 10:17 States this very clearly.

I pray you will always only share the message of  Christ, his death, his resurrection and what that means for each man, in Jesus name. Amen.

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