What discourages Christians most about evangelism is that they preach the gospel but do not win souls. So, lets really answer the question.

Why did he/she not get saved when you preached to them?

A. The recipient was just too evil

B. God does not really care for their salvation

C. You did not pray correctly

D. You did not pray enough

E. The recipient is just too foolish

The answer is C. You did not pray correctly.

Soul winning is spiritual warfare, and we can see this clearly from our text for the day. They did not believe because “…the god of this world hath blinded their minds…”. You are entering into a contest to win over a treasured item (the soul) from your opponent (Satan). You think Satan will not put up a fight? Are you joking? He will put up the biggest fight ever.

Stop praying, “God save him/her.” That prayer is one God already answered over 2,000 years ago. What you need to do is to bind the strongman/devil operating in the life of the sinner(s), in the name of Jesus Christ. Then when you have won in the place of prayer, go and share the gospel with them as quickly as possible.

Praying correctly like this will give you victory in the business of winning the lost. Do not say that you do not have passion to pray for the lost, where else will you get the passion except in the place of prayer?

Just start praying and passion will be birthed.

I pray God baptizes you with the spirit of prayer and intercession for the lost, in Jesus name, Amen.

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