Homemakers Challenge | Day 20


This challenge is to motivate and encourage you to eliminate chaos and clutter in your home and transform it to the clean and orderly place it’s supposed to be. Anyone (especially those who are not naturally organized like me) can join no matter what day we are on.


1. Declutter your wardrobe. Remove clothes that are worn out and ill fitting. Consider having a 10, 20 or 25 item wardrobe consisting of clothes you are confident wearing anywhere at anytime. Apply the same to your shoes, bags and accessories.

2. Take clothes that need to be mended to the tailor and shoes to the cobbler.

“Understate—or as Valentina said, ‘diminish.’ Let your face be more important than your costume. If you think you may be wearing too much jewelry, you are. Ask your husband how he thinks you look. If he says, ‘That’s a lovely dress,’ try again. What he should say is, ‘You look lovely!” – Joan Crawford


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