Your mattress needs to breathe!

Dear Father,

Last week, I planned that I was going to remove the bedsheets and air the mattress today (Monday). But just as I woke up yesterday (Sunday) morning, I felt the urgent need to remove the sheets and air the mattress immediately. There was much cool air coming from the window so I felt it was the perfect day for that.

I recently learned that the amount of sweat that seeps into a mattress during a nights sleep is about 1 cup. Yes, that’s 1 cup per night. That you need to let air blow over your mattress for as long as possible, once a week. You can either open your windows completely to allow air into the room or carry the mattress outside.

Your mattress needs to breathe! If you do not allow all that moisture in it to dry up, it gets smelly. Also, fungi, dust mites and microorganisms begin to make their home in your mattress. These can cause acne, sinus infections and may even lead to other more life threatening diseases.

I also learned that you should vacuum your mattress and under your bed before covering it up with a new set of sheets. I plan to do my vacuuming today. I have postponed vacuuming under my bed for a very long time but today is judgement day.

Honestly, today is already getting really choked and we have had to postpone one appointment already. But I am believing you for strength to get this vacuuming done today. No Excuses!

Your DD,

Joy Taiwo.

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