“Shouldn’t I be having more fun than this?”

Dear Father,


My day did not go as I originally planned. I woke up planning to just chill, have fun and be happy. But the most ironic thing happened.

I started my day with my usual routine of a short prayer and Bible study, getting Lemuel cleaned up and fed and then fixing breakfast for my husband and I. By the time I finished with the usual morning routine, it was already past 11 am. I still needed to fix lunch for my husband and then Lemuel. Then put Lemuel to bed to take his afternoon nap. My day of fun was turning into a regular day and I began to fret. I began to be sad that I was not having as much fun as I planned to have.

Even when I did sit down to relax, I spend the whole time worrying that I was not having as much fun as I planned to have and that the day will end without me really relaxing and having fun. Crazy right?

Even when I did sit down during dinner to watch a movie with my family, I was still worrying. I was wondering, “Shouldn’t I be having more fun than this?” By the time night came and I finally put Lemuel to bed, I was exhausted and I was sad. Saturday, 15th August, 2020 had slipped through my fingers without me really taking control of the day.

But things changed as I laid down on the bed to sleep. I logged in to my blog and wrote something. I shared it on my social media sites. After over a month of procrastinating and making excuses of how busy I was and how I just couldn’t come up with any meaningful content at this busy period of my life, I finally wrote. I wrote how my day on Friday went. I wrote of my wins and imperfections in running my home on Friday. It felt wonderful.

My day ended beautifully. It was not a day of fun but it was a meaningful day, I’ll take it.

Thank you Father for making yesterday meaningful.

Your DD,

Joy Taiwo.

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