I took my first baby steps…

Dear Father,

Oh gosh I am so happy! Yesterday, I took my first baby steps to decluttering my house. I set my timer to 15 minutes at first, then added an extra 5 minutes to factor in potential interruptions. And those interruptions did happen (thanks to Lemuel hahaha).

In the past 24 months or so since we bought our bookshelf, we have only piled on stuff in there. Over 100 church bulletins, old documents, up to 2 years old receipts, empty envelopes, broken crayons, used-up writing pads and note books are just stuffed in there. The sheer thought of how long it would take me to declutter the book shelf has scared me from doing it for the past 10 months. So I gave myself just 20 minutes yesterday. Whatever I could declutter in 20 minutes would be just fine. No, it would be amazing even. I started and in 20 minutes, I was able to remove about 30 handfuls of not-really-useful stuff and threw them out. I finished just in time to go and rescue the beans I was cooking in the kitchen downstairs from burning.

Sure there’s still a lot of clutter in and around that book shelf. And that is why I am happy I have now planned to be decluttering that area (Book shelf and surroundings, desk drawers, cupboards  with stationeries) every Friday for just 15 minutes (+5 minutes for potential interruptions). I feel more in control of that area of my house now. Oh, did I win at that bookshelf yesterday!

Yesterday was also grocery shopping day. Because I wrote down my list earlier, I was so focused at the supermarket and bought only things I actually needed at home. No distractions. No buying things I didn’t really need or forgetting something we needed at home. Plus I remember buying whole wheat flour for almost half the price of plain white flour (which I earlier planned to buy). That one was a double win! The whole wheat flour was cheaper and healthier than the plain white flour. Our pancakes next week will be healthier! This is the kind of focus I need hence forth while buying my groceries!

I have even started building my list already against next Friday. As items finish in the house, I am ticking them off my Pantry List. So by Friday morning, I will only need to review the list I have already slowly built throughout the week. Before yesterday, I would wait until it was time to go and buy groceries, then start going up-and-down the house to check what items were finished. How crazy! No wonder I almost always missed out things. Yesterday was not perfect but it was definitely 100% better than the day before.
Thank you for the wisdom and strength you gave me to do these things today.

Your DD,
Joy Taiwo.

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