I remember the first day I heard you

It was hot and dry and about mid-noon

I was so lonely when I saw you

So I decided to follow you

We went on a ride together

Some of the best times I remember

We sobbed and cried together

We laughed and played, it was meant to last forever

But things changed when we made that covenant

Oh, how could I have been so ignorant

I swore my love for you was permanent

That I would never have a closer friend

Then sooner than later there was that visitor at my door

Asking “Can I come and play with you this early morn?”

Even though I saw your obvious frown

I let him in while you looked on without a sound

I played all day with him

Little did I know his services were not free

And that this was just the beginning of my cheating spree

With gluttony I became best friends

Its hold on me would never end

Fornication lived under my bed

Money became my lover

Fame, I was most fond oh

Jealousy was my new comfort

I cheated on you with all my heart, soul, mind and strength

But you just kept watching on at length

Lord, you terrified me!!!!

And so I did it

I told you, “Get thee behind me!”

For I thought you were the enemy

Yet your little voice kept nudging me

So still, yet so loud that I could not sleep

So I didn’t just shout, “Crucify him!”

I whipped him, and nailed him and pierced him

Yes, I killed him!


My best friend!

I Killed him!

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